Earth Against Earth

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Young people been kidnapped throughout the whole of history? It has to be stopped but where do the abductors come from?

And Stuart has other problems nearer to home. Firstly, there's an ex-slave, from the time of Socrates, building a forge in the garden of the village pub. It's a shock when a village boy asks him if he's on his way to another planet and can he come along. It's even more of a shock to discover that he's been the friend of the Darrington family since 1897. Stuart and his friends may have to move from the village they call home, maybe even leave Earth for good.

Discovering where the abductors come from only twists time into ever more confusing loops which Stuart must negotiate to avoid creating an impossible paradox.

Enjoy this latest tale Stuart of Stuart and his friends as he pushes the technology he uses to the limits.

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Book Details

Publisher: TAU Publishing UK
Category: Fiction
Paperback: 274 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9572205-9-1

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“We're somewhere between King Narmer, which is when Andy comes from and King Djoser.” Stuart said, “This part of Memphis has been lost for thousands of years or rather it was rebuilt as the Nile shifted its course.”

Surely Memphis is being excavated.” Dave asked.

“Look around.” Stuart said, “That building looks suspiciously like a town hall with people coming and going like that. What's it made of, clay bricks or baked mud then whitewashed? It looks so much like Andy's parent's house and I don't think anyone expects them to be permanent, this close to the river.”

“Do you reckon we can take some pictures.” Dave asked.

“I don't see why not.” Stuart replied, “Just don't make it obvious.”

Dave took the camera out of his pocket and looked at the screen, stepping back to take in the whole building he collided with a passer by. It was a small incident and should have been settled by Dave's simple apology. Unfortunately the passer-by was a drunken soldier who was entering that aggressive phase that drunks sometimes suffer. Friends of his, fellow soldiers stopped, watching them.

“You struck me.” the soldier slurred.

“Yes I'm sorry, mate.” Dave replied, “I was studying that building and didn't see you.”

The soldier stared at Dave trying to take in what Dave had said. The effort was too much.

“I'm not your friend,” his voice still slurred, “You struck me.”

“I'm sorry.” Dave said.

The soldier stared again.

“You struck me.”

One of the more sober soldiers stepped forward, “Easy Dedi. He's apologised.”

“He struck me.” Dedi said once again.

“Walk away, boy.” Dedi's friend said to Dave, “We'll take care of him.”

As Dave turned to obey, the movement actually penetrated Dedi's brain and triggered a reaction. He drew his sword, swinging it at Dave's neck. Two things saved his life. Dedi was so drunk that he fumbled with his sword and he was considerably slower than he would normally have been. At the same time, Stuart drew his stun gun and fired in a slick action that would have done credit to Wyatt Earp in the American West.

The result was just enough to deflect the blow so that the blade sliced into Dave's shoulder right on the edge of the (protective Kevlar) vest instead nearly decapitating him. It would still have been a killing blow if the blade had not been stopped by the top of the vest.

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